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PE President Elect

Herbert Hooverlink in new window, Franklin D. Rooseveltlink in new window, Harry S. Trumanlink in new window, Dwight D. Eisenhowerlink in new window,
John F. Kennedylink in new window, Lyndon B. Johnsonlink in new window, Richard Nixonlink in new window, Gerald R. Fordlink in new window,
Jimmy Carterlink in new window, Ronald Reaganlink in new window, George Bushlink in new window, Bill Clintonlink in new window
The online homes of the 12 presidential libraries and materials projects administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. They are repositories for preserving and making available the papers, records, and other historical materials of U.S. Presidents, and each contains a museum and provides an active series of public programs.

The White Houselink in new window
The official website of the most famous home in the world. Besides political info, it features historical info on the house itself and the men and women who have lived in it.

The Electoral College: Source of Inequality and Social Injustice in Americalink in new window
Gary Parish's website tackles the problems he sees with Electoral College including unequal voting power among the states, racial concerns, and moral issues. The site also includes a list of links to pages that support reform, printable "calling cards", and info on how to get involved.

Facial Hair and Presidential Electionslink in new window
Perhaps the only site on the internet where you can discover the relationship between past presidential candidates facial hair and their electoral success. Do the clean shaven fare better? Or do voters think hairier is better?

electionline.orglink in new window
This site bills themselves as "your first stop for election reform information". With the wealth of information they have it may be the only site you need for election reform information. But if it's not, check out the great collection of links they've collected. The sites most visable and most useful feature is its daily compilation of election news from around the country.

Dead Presidentslink in new window
No, not money - actual dead presidents! At this site you'll find pictures of the webmaster visiting the final resting places of all the presidents. Also included are "obituary text published at the time of the man's death -- fascinating and excellent sketch biographies and accounts of the tragedies that befell the men who held the office."

The Ulysses S. Grant Networklink in new window
"The most comprehensive site on the internet for students and those interested in learning about the famous civil war general and 18th President of the United States". The site includes a wealth of information on Grant's personal and professional life, Grant family genealogy, help for students, links, bibliographies, and more.

History of Presidential Debateslink in new window
From the Commission on Presidential Debates, this site has information (and transcripts when available) on the surprisingly small number of presidential debates - from Lincoln/Douglas to Bush/Gore.

Primaries and Caucusesopen link in new window
A website with maps and often sarcastic commentaries on the primaries and caucuses since 1972. "Other sites cover the national elections, but the primaries and caucuses often present an interesting story in their own right."

Congressional Biographical Directoryopen link in new window
A massive directory of every person ever to serve in the US Congress from 1774 to the present. Includes biographical information such as: birthday and place, education, career, political offices held, and death date, place, and interment. An excellent in-depth resource.

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Centeropen link in new window
The home page of America's first presidential library. On the anniversary of last year's disputed election, learn more about the disputed election of 125 years ago. Contains info about the president, the election, first lady Lucy Webb, and , of course, the presidential center itself.

1912: Competing Visions for Americaopen link in new window
An in-depth look at the 1912 presidential election. Written by graduate students in history at the Ohio State University, this site offers an informative look at the candidates and issues in what may have been one of the most historically significant elections in American history.

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